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Critical policy choices to keep the labor market intact

Today the Department of Labor reported that 6.65 million newly unemployed workers applied for unemployment insurance (UI) for the week ending March 28th; totaling 9.9 million claims over the last two weeks. To put these numbers into perspective, just over 10 million total new claimants filed for UI in the first six months of the … Continue reading »

Kids Stuck at 365彩票? Tips for Keeping Their Minds Active!

Hanging out with your child at 365彩票官网 during this extended “spring break.” Foster their learning: here are some tips from Art Shimamura’s Psychology Today Blog…  

Ice agents are still performing raids – and using precious N95 masks to do so

If we want to survive, we must stop Ice raids, detention and deportation and provide protective equipment to health workers

As millions of students turn to online education, the FCC must implement bold changes to close the digital divide

With confirmed cases of coronavirus on the rise in the US, over 100,000 365彩票s have closed, disrupting the education of over 55 million students. While many 365彩票s are turning to online instruction, the millions of students who fall into the “365彩票官网work gap”— those who lack broadband access at 365彩票官网 — risk falling further behind their … Continue reading »

Farmworkers are the backbone of our food system. They must be protected from COVID-19

Just like workers in other industries, farmworkers deserve the right to take time off to quarantine, to recover or to care for loved ones.